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UnLeashing Love

Unleashing Love

Unleashing Love

UnLeashing Love: Medicine Stories to Feed Your Spirit and Awaken Your Heart

“absolutely exquisite” * “insightful & thought-provoking”
“incredibly uplifting” * “touched my heart in so many many ways”

In the ancient art of storytelling, UnLeashing Love is filled with personal reflections and myth-like teachings to invite awakenings, passionate searchings, and rich discoveries.

The medicine stories in UnLeashing Love carry many layers of meaning which open new awareness, nourish healing, and awaken deeply felt connections with the extraordinary web of life.

UnLeashing Love is a beautiful book you’ll want share with friends, read aloud to loved ones, and revisit over and over again.

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  1. JulieB says

    Compelling and Beautiful When I set out to read JoAnne’s beautiful book I was sitting in a noisy restaurant, with music blaring, and people shouting over one another to be heard. “This is going to be impossible,” I thought to myself. Then, as quickly as that thought ended I realized that I was already on page 19. JoAnne’s stories are both compelling and compassionate, beautiful and down-to-earth. As I was completely absorbed by JoAnne’s engaging narratives, my senses were especially honed: I would smell the “puppy love” she writes about, feel the subtle steps of a spider crawling on my arm, hear ravens cackling and cawing, and watch in my mind’s eye Jasmine’s prancing about the land in search of new stories and friends.Thanksgiving has just passed, and after reading and rereading JoAnne’s thoughtful and life-affirming stories I realize how much I have in my own life. JoAnne has a gift for expressing in a simple, refreshing and loving style the possibilities and lessons one might uncover by simply observing and taking life in through one’s heart. I am so grateful for this reminder, and so happy to encourage others to heed JoAnne’s final words: “It’s a dance. It’s the Song. Our co-creation. A natural rhythm. A beautiful way of life.”

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