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Writing Persuasively to Gain Support for Your Views

From anthropology to zoology, from social activism to sales, persuasive writing is essential to get your views heard and to get people to do what you want or need them to do. When you mention persuasive writing, most people think of advertising, but everyone in business, academia, government and private life needs to write persuasively sometimes.

The masters of persuasive writing are successful advertising copywriters, the ones who have you reading and acting upon their ad copy without even thinking about it. This is the kind of skill that few of us have but all of us could make good use of.

The good news is that all of us can learn to write persuasively. We may not all be able to sell ice boxes to eskimos, but we can all learn to make our case in such a way that we win over our readers instead of alienating them. We can all learn to engage readers in our writing instead of either boring them or making grandiose claims. That skill is extremely valuable in every walk of life.

Do you have a theory that you want to get a fair hearing by others in your field? Do you have a better way of doing things that you want considered  in your business? Persuasive writing makes the difference between getting your way—or at least a fair hearing—and being ignored or dismissed.

The best way to learn to write well is with a course created by successful, experienced experts, one where you can take your time to absorb and practice the lessons on your own time. And the epitome of persuasive writing is copywriting. Once you learn to write an effective sales letter, you can write persuasively in any field and get the results you want.

Michael Masterson, an expert copywriter, has turned his decades of highly successful experience into a course, called The Architecture of Persuasion, that covers every detail of how write so that you successfully persuade others to do what you want them to do. And with it, he provides several bonuses that are also valuable for writers.

If you have any questions, you can call the AWAI Member Services team toll-free at 866-879-2924.

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