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Valence Group: Chemical Mergers and Acquisitions Experts

In the modern technological economy, chemicals make the world go around. From sophisticated coatings on optics and circuit boards to life-saving pharmaceuticals, chemicals are essential for products and for the processes of manufacturing them, for treating water and waste, and for so many other daily processes that we hardly give a thought to, because they simply work.

Companies large and small depend on chemicals. From maintaining safe, healthful working facilities to forming integral parts of the products corporations buy and sell, chemicals are everywhere.

Because of the importance of chemicals, many companies strive to acquire the sources of the chemicals their business most depends on. Others choose to merge with chemical corporations to streamline their supply chain and maximize profits.

For a host of reasons, corporations constantly engage in chemical mergers and acquisitions. Many will fail to see the possible pitfalls inherent in such a complex, specialized field. As a result, they will suffer financial losses are at least make deals much less advantageous than they could have made if they had brought in consultants with chemical m&a expertise.

The Valence Group is a chemical investment bank with industry-leading experts in all phases of chemical m&a. They bring to the table specialized chemical industry experts with decades of chemical-related experience, from financial analysts to chemical engineers and biochemists who know the industry as no general investment bank can.

Having completed over 200 closed transactions with a combined value of over $80 billion, the Valence Group has a wealth of industry contacts and offices in the US, Europe and Asia. They serve companies in over 100 specialty and commodity subsectors of the chemical industry.

Operating internationally they are keenly aware of the regulatory complexities involved in international chemical transactions. That in-depth, constantly updated industrty-specific knowledge can make the difference between success and failure in chemical m&a.

Valence Group’s chemical-industry financial and technical experts function as an independent, impartial chemical advisory team to help their clients structure the most advantageous possible chemical-related deals for lasting success.

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