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Teaching Children About the World: Using the Best Tools and Methods

Archeologists and anthropologists of the future are just children today. How well they are educated will determine which ones succeed in completing their education and entering their fields, who can compete for the best positions, grants, and research backing, who receives the best assignments.

Today‘s teachers can help set the stage for stunning breakthroughs in knowledge from future discoveries and analysis of what makes human beings think and act and behave the way we do. That makes education even more important than just learning to read, write, and graduate from school.

Mastering a variety of the best teaching strategies arms teachers with a wealth of methods for breaking through to student comprehension and inspiring students to become excited about learning.

Dedicated teachers are doing their best for everyone by seeking out the best strategies for teaching math, for example, so that children gain the most possible foundation for their academic career. All the sciences, including archeology and anthropology, require good math skills.

By presenting the most successful and innovative educational methods and tools, advanced teacher education can aid teachers in selecting the best ideas and resources to allow them to meet the needs of their students. Studying the wealth of existing research on what works best and why, and how to select the most appropriate teaching methods to meet student needs, can help teachers teach better and with greater confidence.

Having a large reservoir of alternative strategies for helping children learn can make life easier for teachers and students alike. So can having a resource for teaching tools for math, reading, writing, and science.

Mentoring Minds provides teaching tools and strategies for classroom management, for teaching critical thinking, for assessments and response to intervention, as well as flash cards, flip charts and guides, subject wheels, and special tools for teaching math and reading in Spanish.

Mentoring Minds are helping the teachers of today prepare students to make the breakthrough discoveries of the future about our common past.

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