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Natural Healing in Prehistory and Today

Many people assume that our prehistoric ancestors were not very bright—or that they lived in a world of fantasy and superstition. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

People as far back as 200,000 to 300,000 years ago had fully modern brains like ours. They were smart, they were keen observers of their environment, and they had excellent memories. They had to, to survive with few tools and resources.

Our early ancestors were practical. They used what worked. If they had not been observant and practical, humans would not have survived. They derived their beliefs from their experiences and from their connection with the ecology they lived in.

Many peoples of the Northern Hemisphere told stories of learning about healing herbs by observing or learning in dreams from Bear. That is one reason that Bear is thought to be one of the earliest and most important of animal deities.

People had to learn from dreams and visions, because simply experimenting with plants could be deadly. Many plants are slow poisons. They were cautious with treatments and medicines, to be sure they did not do more harm than good.

What does all that have to do with today? In some ways conventional medicine has forgotten the careful ways of our ancestors. Alternative medicine, such as naturopathy, is more closely akin to the careful healing of the far past.

Naturopathy, now based on scientific diagnosis combined with holistic natural remedies where possible, is a gentler, more traditional way to heal. From naturopathic therapists to naturopathic physicians who combine a natural approach with their conventional medical degrees, naturopathy takes a gentle approach to healing.

As alternative therapies become more popular in modern society, naturopathic doctors have become a practical alternative between energy-based healing and the harsh medicines and surgery of allopathic medicine. You can find naturopaths in towns and cities across Canada, the US, Europe and worldwide.

For those who live in or near Toronto, Canada, there is renowned naturopath Dr. Tara Andresen, ND, who treats patients holistically, using evidence-based medicine, in central Toronto. To find out more and to make an appointment on line, visit her naturopath Toronto website.

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