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Building to Protect Ancient Artifacts and Fossils

Much of what we now know about animal deities, and about the gradual changes in belief systems that result in animists raising certain spirits to the level of animal deities, comes from archeology. That is, archeologists are able to deduce a great deal by comparing ancient prehistoric artifacts and fossils to modern or recent indigenous objects and practices.

That makes the rare and scarce evidence they find extremely precious. What little survives after 10,000 years, for example, must be carefully protected so that it can be studied by future archeologists who may have better testing and more knowledge, which could change the way the fossils or artifacts are interpreted.

Considering the extreme rarity of some of the oldest and most important archeological finds, the importance of preservation becomes immense. As heirs to a rich but often mysterious past stretching back several million years, humans cannot afford to mishandle or lose a single shred of archeological evidence.

Just as age-testing and record-keeping have improved over the years, progress has also been made in preservation and storage. Climate-controlled display and storage facilities now protect fossils and artifacts of ancient cultures in ways that were impossible just a few decades ago.

Modern advances in building materials make it easier to preserve irreplaceable archeological treasures. Insulated concrete walls can resist fire as well as prevent rapid temperature changes and discourage condensation, mold, and other causes of deterioration. They can also reduce the energy costs for climate control systems to protect ancient relics.

Museum architects and builders can specify insulated concrete wall forms to build efficiently and economically to protect ancient fossils and artifacts, such as those relating to animal deities. But office buildings, institutional and agricultural buildings, and residences can also benefit from insulated walls, and architects are making use of them, taking advantage of the sound-insulating qualities as well.

Additional information on how modern insulated concrete forms, or ICF, can help protect not only ancient archeological treasures but also modern health, safety and comfort is available on line.

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