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Boarding Stairs for Yachts Can Make Travel Safer and More Convenient

Traveling to ancient sites often requires a bit of ingenuity. Archeological sites are often far off the beaten path. For many sites the best approach is by boat—via yacht if you are fortunate.

Getting safely on and off that yacht should be the least of your worries. Modern advances in yacht stairs make boarding safer and more convenient—and they are safe and easy to replace.

Boarding stairs from UMT remain level even as the deck height rises and sinks with the tides. And their special no-pinch design makes them safer and easier to set up and to remove.

Carbon Fiber Boarding Stairs

Carbon fiber boarding stairs are very light in weight (averaging around 45 pounds, including rails). They are available in sets of 2 to 14 steps.

Boarding stairs made of carbon fiber come in a variety of colors and finishes, including teak and black, white or gray nonskid surfaces to match the style of the vessel—plus a host of custom colors. UMT can have landing stairs beautifully custom imprinted with the name and logo of the yacht or owner.

Custom stair widths are available by request. Matching custom storage bags (for on-deck storage) can also be provided.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Boarding Stairs

Heavy-duty aluminum boarding stairs offer great design, quality and safety at a very attractive price. They come in sets of 6 to 10 steps and in 19-inch or 24-inch widths designed to fit existing stair brackets.

Lightweight Aluminum Boarding Stairs

Lightweight aluminum boarding stairs will soon be available. Check the UMT website for more information.

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