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Your Questions About Isis

Maria asks…

Was Isis known to pay homage to or worship anyone else?

The Egyptian Isis wife/ sister of Osiris. Was she ever known to worship anyone else – or was she accepted as the Goddess and bowed to no-one?

Animal Deities answers:

The first mention of Isis that we have in recorded history comes from northern Egypt around 2500 BCE, where she was a minor Mother Goddess archetype. The Egyptian pantheon was rearranged and modified many times, and over the centuries she was described as the daughter of Geb, the daughter of Hathor, the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus…as to being subservient to another deity, in various times and various parts of Egypt, various other deities would have been above her, and under certain circumstances, she would have been said to pay homage.

You have to remember that we are talking about a very complex 3000 year long mythology, which in many ways corresponded with the political events occuring in Egypt from century to century. Some of the most extreme examples would be during the rule of the Hyksos when all deities were forced to bow to Set, and of course during the reign of Akhenaten, when Aten became the supreme deity.

Here is a brief history of the Mother Goddess in Egypt


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