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Who are the Mayans? And more about Mayan civilization

Mayans are considered to be the most advanced people in whole of Americas. Mayans are the people who had a fully developed language, even their language is developed enough to be written. The Mayans are also one of the best patronizers  of art, mathematics and astrology. They are people who formed the Mayan calendar, which is the center of attraction on the present December 21 2012 conspiracy.

The Mayans lived in and around Mexico. Mayan civilization is found to in Central America and mostly in Mexico.

Mayan Civilization

The Mayan Civilization is mostly a Mesoamerican civilization. As said earlier they are the only civilization in whole of central America who had matured written language and completely developed astronomical and mathematical systems. The Mayan civilization is believed to be formed during 2000 BC, and that time period is also known as the pre classic time period. You can know more about Mayans in this book Popol Vuh: The Definitive Edition of The Mayan Book of The Dawn of Life and The Glories of Gods and Kings

The Mayan Civilization can divided into three periods

1.Pre classic period
2.Classic period
3.Post classic period

Pre classic period is a period, which is believed the Mayan civilization was formed, Classic period is a period when the Mayan civilization was flourished, at that point of time their civilization and cities are peaked at development and the post classic period is the period when the Spanish arrived in central America and believed to trigger the collapse of the Mayans.

The Mayan civilization shared a close relationship with Mesoamerican civilization, people of both civilization has close interaction with each other. It is also believed that the language the mayans spoke and wrote, the mayan calendar and the mathematical structures where not completely invented by the Mayans. But, it was the Mayans who developed all of them into a completed and matured format.

One amazing thing with Mayan civilization and the Mayan people is that they did not dissolve during th course changing time and environment. They did not disappear even when the Spanish started to colonize central America, the Mayans survived everything. Even today the Mayan generation lives as a sizable population in Central Americas. Still, those people maintain some of the Mayan culture and tradition. The Mayan language is still spoken by these people as primary language.

It is really amazing and wonderful to know that world’s one of the oldest civilization is still thriving and speaking their own language and follow the customs and traditions of their ancestors.

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