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Ancient Civilizations : Mayan And Egypt

The Mayan influence could not even be detected from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and places that reach as far as central Mexico. There are at about one thousand kilo meters way from the original Mayan Area which is also a part of Ancient civilizations. There are many outside influences that are even found in the Mayan art scene and architecture and all of these are a result of trade and cultural exchange more than any kind of direct external conquest.

Lets also take a look at the Egyptian Ancient civilizations.This is an Ancient civilization of the eastern region of North Africa. These are concentrated along the lower reaches of the Nile River. This is what is going on in the modern country of Egypt. This is a part of the huge complex of civilizations, all as part of the Nile valley civilizations.

These civilizations were spread across Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia, and Ethiopia. There was a huge unification of the political departments of the Upper and Lower Egypt. This was done under the firs pharaoh. These were developed over the next three millennia. There is a history of stable kingdoms which were then later separated by periods of instability.When Egypt reached its pinnacle, it entered a period of what seemed like a slow decline.

There were a lot of achievements of the ancient Egyptians which included surveying, construction techniques which made possible the building of the phenomenal pyramids, the temples the obelisks. The Egyptians were also good at quarrying. They developed a high end mathematical system with practical and effective medicinal system.

This place had irrigation systems and techniques for agricultural production. The Egyptians also built ships. They came up with the technology to make glass. The Egyptians also came up with new forms of literature and something which made out to be an ancient peace treaty.

The Ancient civilizations Of Egypt have left a large legacy. This place has its art and architecture which is widely copied and the many antiques that are found here are carried off the far away corners of the world.

This is primarily because the ruins and monuments that have been found here have inspired and left in awe so many explorers and scientific investigators of the Egyptian civilization. This has had a greater appreciation for the cultural legacy for the entire world and Egypt as well.

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