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Buffalo Woman Comes Singing: The Spirit Song of a Rainbow Medicine Woman

Buffalo Woman Comes Singing, book by Brooke Medicine Eagle

Buffalo Woman Comes Singing

I have heard that this book and author are somewhat controversial among Native Americans. I have not read it. However, it does serve as an example of the importance of Buffalo as an animal spirit, possibly an animal deity.

“This vibrant book of wonders speaks true and dreams deep. Writng with blazing honesty she tells of her hard-won knowledge of many of the world‘s spiritual and healing traditions, while holding the Sacred Hoop of Natie Amreican wisdom. This magnificent teacher becomes for us a new embodiment of White Buffalo Woman.”
Jean Houston

BUFFALO WOMAN COMES SINGING explores fascinating uses of traditions like the Medicine Wheel; healing through ritual action; dreamtime; and the moon lodge — the woman‘s place of retreat and visioning. These powerful personal tools integrate ancient wisdom with contemporary experience, as Buffalo Woman calls each spiritual warrior to her own true place in the dance of life.

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  1. March says

    Crow Tribe cultural director speaks out Before you buy this book, go to this website .

  2. Anonymous says

    Buffalo Woman Comes Singing To be quite honest about this book, I did not finish reading it, even though it was well written. It’s a case of mistaken identity: about halfway through it was evident that Brooke Medicine Eagle is preaching New Age religion and is not holding to traditional practices and beliefs, as I hoped when I bought this book. At the point where she was explaining how she believes that Christianity and Traditional beliefs are consitent with each other, I quit reading and merely skimmed, finding that this book is a conglomeration of different beliefs, including 12-step programs. Perhaps this is what a reader may be looking for; this reader was not. Those looking for Traditional reading might wish to read Sacred Fireplace, by Pete S. Catches, Sr., or Crow Dog, by Leonard Crow Dog and Richard Erdoes, both of which are filled with traditional spiritual insight and practice.

  3. Anonymous says

    2 to 2 1/2 stars I suppose I bought this book at a time when I was looking for source materials on native american culture and living for the non native american person. The book came reccomended to me by a friend who owned it with a word of caution that it was just alright. I went out and bought it, read through it and found it ok in some places and questionable in others. The author does advertise her other “for sale” services quite a bit which gets a little daunting, however there are some chapters which are well written and full of imagery. The two I liked best were her chapter on crystals where she describes a gift giving ceremony between her and friends, something which I have enjoyed doing myself. I also liked the part onbuilding your own personal altar, unlike other new age authors who proclaim altar set ups and endless tools, the author of this book tells readers to have an empty altar, perhaps covered in a sacred cloth which can be a simple focal point rather than a holder of all sorts of tools. All in all If you want this book then buy it used, use those parts of it that speak to you and discard the rest. Incidently, there is a picture of the author in the back of the book and looking at her I couldnt help but feel a bit uneasy, she dosent present a very spiritual image.

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