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Your Questions About Animism: Holy Book?

Mandy asks…

Who, when and where about animism?

i need to know who founded it where and when. I also need to know the holy book, 2 quotes, holy places, basic beliefs divisions, and the daily life. i understand if you cant find some info but plz find as much as u can! i really need it for school.
animism the religion

Animal Deities answers:

Animism is not a religion. It is the oldest known type of spiritual belief system.

No one knows when animism started, but human beings have had fully modern brains for between 200,000 and 300,000 years, so it could be that old, or older. There is firm evidence for animism going back over 70,000 years, but anthropologists think it is much, much older than that.

As far as scientists can tell, animism was the only type of belief system until just a few thousand years ago (less than 10,000 years at most, out of 250,000 years of modern human existence).

Animists are almost always gathering-hunting peoples. They are almost always preliterate.

Writing was not invented till just a few thousand years ago, long after agriculture started (about 10,000 years ago). And writing is a product of settled, farming societies. So there are no animist holy books.

To animists the whole earth is holy, though in each region there are/were some especially spiritual places, all over the world.

Daily life depends on where animists livefrom near the North Pole to the Equatorial tropics to the far southern regions of South America and the South Pacific. and from the world‘s highest mountains to sea-level ocean islands. Some animists live in rain forests; some, in deserts.

For more info on animists and animism, see this website.

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