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Your Questions About Animism and Animal Deism

Carol asks…

what’s your opinion about animism?

Animal Deities answers:

It’s probably one of the better religious beliefs because it respects all life (because everything is alive and has a soul.)

Daniel asks…

What Are Animal Deists?

like i don’t get it..

1. what is it?
2. examples

Animal Deities answers:

Animal deism is a transition state between animism (the belief that all things have spirit) and theism (worship of goddesses and/or gods. In animism there really are not inanimate objects, since all things have some form of consciousness.

Animist deists either worship animal-like deities or represent various characteristics of their deities with animal-headed statues and the like. The clearest examples are Native Americans, who talk about Coyote as a god, even though they are also aware of a species of animal called the coyote. There is Ganesha, the elephant-headed god or elephant-god of the Hindu pantheon. And of course, you have seen statues of animal gods and animal-headed gods in the ancient Egyptian pantheon.

It is possible to interpret these as symbols and metaphors for gods and goddesses who are actually perceived as un-embodied. Or it is also possible to say that every animal of the species involved is a representative, or a small part of, the god or goddess in question. Different animists have different ways.

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