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Your Questions About Animism

Laura asks…

Animism. Pros/cons/problems with these models of spiritually?

Here’s a quick run down of what it can be about
LOL! – THX for that uglygrandmother- Suppose it would be very problematic if you have to constantly great EVERY anima. (would be a right pain for someone like me who feels there is an anima in EVERYTHING)
While it IS nice to get people saying it’s “good” that’s just confirming my own feelings/ideas.

I’m actually trying to figure out if there is anywhere where it’s concepts fail to provide a decent answer(I’ve not come accross one yet). Surely there must be SOME reason why it’s not more previlent/self-evident/Obvious/”common sense” …..

Animal Deities answers:

Yes, animism can be a problem when you are walking into Wal Mart and greet the grasshopper that it sitting on the butt holder. (Thank the gods for Bluetooth! LOL!)

Nancy asks…

Animism and Animatism, Could you explain?

the difference?

Animal Deities answers:

Animism encompasses the beliefs that there is no separation between the spiritual and physical (or material) world, and souls or spirits exist, not only in humans, but also in all other animals, plants, rocks, geographic features such as mountains or rivers, or other entities of the natural environment.

Animatism refers to “a belief in a generalized, impersonal power over which people have some measure of control. Certain cultures believe “people, animals, plants, and inanimate objects were endowed with certain powers, which are both impersonal and supernatural.

Michael asks…

Do Wiccans know what Animism is?

Animal Deities answers:

The ones I’ve known do. However, I’m guessing that some do and some don’t, as in any group.

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