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Your Questions About Myths on Cacomistle (Ring-Tailed Cat)

Ruth asks…

Does anyone know of any Native American/Aztec/Nahuatl myths about the Cacomistle?

I am working on a research project, but I can not find these animals listed in mythology in any books or online pages. Can anyone point me to one or two myths or to an associated deity?
Yeah…I actually found a little more than that. I amtrying to find stories where “Cacomistle” does something, or evidence that the animal was associated with a Deity (like Artemis and bears) or with a festival.

Animal Deities answers:

Cacomistle – The Cacomistle is a nocturnal, arboreal and omnivorous member of the carnivoran family Procyonidae.

If anything at all, I have learned a whole lot more about this Central American creature while trying to find any myths about it, at all…let alone Aztec myths about it. So this is the sum of my adventure in ring-tailed cats, the word originated in the language of the Native American/Aztec/Nahuatl but no myths are reported.


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