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Animal Intelligence and Animal Deities

Animal - Grizzly Bear - Alaska

Grizzly Bear – Alaska (Photo credit: blmiers2)

One of the things that modern, urban people seem to find hard to grasp is how keenly observant indigenous people are. They know the environment around them in a way we never can.

Observing the animals living near them was a survival skill. Understanding them helped early people find food that was safe to eat, find water in drought times, and predict storms.

Animists and other indigenous peoples are very aware of the intelligence of the animals in their area. They learn from them and respect their abilities.

This great article (link below) on animal intelligence, titled, Animals Who are Almost Human, gives examples of intelligent animals, perhaps on a par with human intelligence but certainly worthy of our respect.


The keen observation of animal intelligence and abilities, and deep respect for animals among animists led to some animals being elevated to animal deities.

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