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Your Questions About Isis And Osiris

Linda asks…

what is a post 1900 adaptation of the isis and osiris myth?

please help! i have no clue! 🙁 needed for essay, p.s not allowed ‘star wars’ or ‘the mummy’

Animal Deities answers:

Allowing for a little creative license, the Disney movie, The Lion King, runs with some interesting parallels to the old Egyptian myth of Aset (Isis to the later Greeks) and Wasir (Osiris to the later Greeks).

In the ancient Egyptian myth, betrayed by his brother, Osiris dies. His son Horus must face his uncle and revenge the death of his father.

In The Lion King, betrayed by his brother, Mufasa dies. His son Simba must face his uncle and revenge the death of his father.

Paul asks…

Why do some sources day Bast was the daughter of Osiris and Isis and some say she’s the daughter of Ra?

The two contradictions are annoying me!

Animal Deities answers:

Look at all the contradictions in Christianity. Now realize – – – that has only been around for 2,000 years. Egypt existed as a culture for more than 4,000 years, and its religion/ mythology was not homogenized – – – there were different stories in different ‘cult-centers’ (cities, temple-complexes, etc).

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