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Your Questions About Animal Goddesses

Mandy asks…

What role does the animal play in goddess mythology and what is its importance?

I’m looking for example of animals that you would find in goddess mythology EG. The horns of the bison and bull are shaped to the curve of the crescent moon which represent the mother goddess. I’m trying to find other examples

Animal Deities answers:

Animals are important in goddess mythology because most goddesses either create or turn into the animal they are associated with, Hera and the peacock, Morgan and the raven. As to the role, I have no idea except that harsh punishments are leveled against those who kill the animal.

Mark asks…

What animal does the Hindu gods/goddesses ride on?

a ram, snake, swan, bull, red lion, or a mouse.

Animal Deities answers:

The activities of ancient Indians were woven around the animals. Therefore, they knew the happenings of animal world as much as today‘s ardent student of zoology. This vast knowledge has been recorded in the scriptures of the time. The Upanishads contain detailed descriptions of horses and cattle. The Garudapurana contains life-histories of fishes and turtles. There are also religious books dedicated to a specific animal. Nagamahdimya, Nandi-purdoa, Mayiratrahimya and Pashu-puriltia are only a few of them. These writings are older than other scriptures of the world; they contain very modern concept such as, origin of life, organic evolution and environmental science.

Ram- The goat-vehicle of Agni(fire)
Swan- Vehicle of Saraswati & Brahma
Bull – Vehicle of Shiva
Lion -Vehicle of Kali & durga
Mouse – Vehicle of Ganesha

Linda asks…

What greek god or goddess sacred animal is a monkey?

I was just wondering.

Animal Deities answers:

The monkey is not a sacred animal, for greece is nowhere near a monkey’s natural habitat and the Greek had little to no knowledge of foreign places.

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