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White Mare’s Daughter

In the dawn of time, women ruled, and the people had no word for war.

Then the horsemen came.

Sarama is the last of the White Mare’s servants, descended from an ancient line conquered long ago by warrior tribes. Her father is the king of one such tribe. Her twin brother Agni is the king’s heir. But she is heir to an older world, and a different way.

A sacred vision calls the White Mare westward, and Sarama follows. There she finds a land where women rule, and men serve, and their language has no word for war. But the horsemen are coming. Sarama must choose between her own people and the people whom she has come to love, and find a way to save them both.

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  1. Annette Hrisko-Allen says

    Go west, young girl…and do very little! 0

  2. wordfiendca says

    Some sort of meatiness 0

  3. Anonymous says

    Solid writing 0

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