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White Buffalo Calf Woman – Sun’s Eye Goddess Oils – ½ Ounce Bottle

White Buffalo Calf Woman – Native American Goddess who brought Herbal Medicine and The Pipe. Contains Sage Leaf in essential and fragrance oils.

1/2 ounce bottle of high quality Sun’s Eye brand oil.

The Sun’s Eye Goddess Oils celebrate the unique attributes of distinct Goddesses by fusing essential and fragrant oils with various ingredients.

Sun’s Eye Oils are made from aromatic herbs, blossoms, leaves, spices, woods, resins and essential oils. When a carrier base is required, soybean is used. They do not use animal products or animal testing. Their musk oils are all derived from herbs. Formulary oils are hand-blended, appropriate to the lunar cycles and other planetary influences.

No claims to suitability for any particular purpose are made or should be inferred.

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