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The Slavs (Ancient Peoples and Places Series)

This is the first concise account of the beginning and early history of the Slavic peoples. The author follows the development and spread of what was initially a relatively unimportant group of Indo-European stock through the Bronze and Iron ages to their consolidation as individual Slavic states in the ninth and tenth centuries, A.D. — Contents: 1. Origins – 2, The North Carpathian Culture During the Bronze and Early Iron Ages: Chronological outline – Settlement patterns – Metallurgy – Pottery – Funeral practices – 3. Slavic Tribal Names in Historic Records of the First Centuries AD – 4. The Proto-Slavs During the Sarmartian and Gotho-Gepid Expansions: The westward expansion of the Sarmatians – The Zarubinets Complex, 200 BC – AD 100 – The Goths north of the Black Sea and the Chernjakhova Complex – Old Germanic loan words in Slavic – 5. The Recovery, Early Slavic Settlement in the Ukraine and Russia – 6. Slavic Migrations to Central Europe and the Balkan Peninsula: Historical evidence – Linguistic evidence – Archaeological evidence – 7. Social Structure: The joint family – Kinship terminology – Social organization – 8. Religion: Temples – Gods and their functions. With 75 photographs, 48 line drawings, 15 maps and 1 table.

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