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The origins of Old Europe (Essays)

Exploring the protohistory of Old Europe is not a purely speculative task. Seeking answers and information about such a remote and mysterious world actually reveals that the primeval conditions of European civilisation have deeply influenced the organisation and social institutions of successive historical eras, including the present.

The original conflicts, dated between the Neolithic and the beginning of the Bronze Age, represent a sort of general matrix of Western society whose core may be discovered through a multidimensional comparative method of archaeomythology enriched with various inputs, from archaeology to linguistics, from anthropology to economics and from history to mythology and folklore. This then reveals that the primordial conflict between the European sedentary farmers and Indo-European nomadic herders from the Caucasus has remained in history, a hidden cultural foundation and an unresolved historical problem that continues to generate conflict and demands resolution.

The fantastic civilisations in the accounts of Atlantis and fairy creatures in European folklore reflect those periods – only apparently forgotten – where the cult of the Earth, with the Mother goddess as dispenser of life and nutriment, was at the centre of the collective organization, later replaced by religions devoted to the ruthless patriarchal divinities of war imposed by the Indo-European conquerors.

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