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The Legend Of the White Buffalo Woman

Paul Goble recounts the legend of the White Buffalo Woman who appears to her people offering them a peac e pipe, a gift that will give them hope and a new way to pra y to the Great Spirit. A spiritual celebration of life is ap parent on every page. ‘

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  1. Shaherazade says

    Cultural Wonder This is a fantasic book. I don’t know what the other reviewer was thinking. This is a traditional Native American tale, its story dosn’t just speak to a select few but to all people not to be greedy, honor the sacred and respect nature. I recommend this book to everyone, the images are beautifully done and respectful to Native culture. This isn’t a sugar coated Disney tale, it is a real story of the Souix people. Enjoy!

  2. Melissa Mcdaniel says

    No personal connection This book is designed for older readers, because of overall morbid aspect that the book takes. The illistrations are gruesome, and the storyline is not fluid. The story was not relatable without an Indian background.

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