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The Goddess Sekhmet: Psycho-Spiritual Exercises of the Fifth Way

Robert Masters presents the wisdom of ancient Egypt through the perspective of contemporary research in psychology and religious studies in his profound study of The Goddess Sekhmet: Psycho-Spiritual Exercises of the Fifth Way. The fifth way refers to the Egyptian theory that humans consist of five bodies: the (most subtle) Spiritual Body (Egyptian: Sahu); and, after that, the increasingly less subtle: Magical Body (Khu); Shadow (Haidit); Double (Ka); and Physical Body (Aufu). Also included are Sekhmet’s myth, her hundred Sacred Names, as well as her rites of meditation, prayer and exercises in body movement, awareness, mind expansion, imagination and creativity. This book initiates readers into a direct experience of the lost feminine mysteries.

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  1. M. Anatsui says

    The Goddess Sekhmet: Psycho-Spiritual Exercises of the Fifth Way I read the first two chapters and recited the invocation. and the only thing i can say is be prepared for anything and expect the unexpected. from my understanding of the reading and revelation is that you have to become more spiritual on many different levels. sekhmet is a goddess of war she is very powerful. she rids out evil and protects the good. if you are not ready for change then don’t call her.

  2. Slainte "customer" says

    Subjectivity and experience of the divine The author attempts a reconstruction of the way the Ancient Egytians viewed the body/soul complex which falls in line with many new age explanations. However, the late Robert Masters presents this book as ‘sacred scripture’; The ‘scripture’ expounds a deeply dualistic and violent narrative. Much of the ‘scripture’ expounds his belief in a war between good and evil, with Master’s and those who fall in line with his cosomology being on the side of good, and the path described in this book invests much in that belief. Whatever the emphasis of the narrative within his book his view of the ancient Egyptian goddess is his own and this remains one person’s idiosyncratic ‘revelation’. Because open minded people with a liberal outlook may be interested in this book one last piece of information–a few decades ago, Masters authored and published ‘The Homosexual Revolution’–his view of homosexuals?…think ‘V for Vendetta’. If you haven’t seen the movie, there is mention of prison as an appropriate place for ‘unreformed’ homosexuals. The title is still included in his long list of publications mentioned in this book without apology.

  3. Tina2s says

    Must Buy if Your Called to Sekhmet Dont buy this book from the sellers on this site their too expensive, go straight to Robert Masters Website, you’ll see links to how you can purchase brand new paper and hardcover copies.According to an extremely ancient tradition, distorted variations of which are a part of many religious, spiritual, magical and occult systems, the human being has five bodies, all interactive, but each one having a dimension or reality in which it lives and functions and which is of the same substance as that body. These bodies, and realms, in order of subtlety, are the (most subtle) Spiritual Body (Egyptian: SAHU); and, after that, the increasingly less subtle: Magical Body (KHU); Shadow (HAIDIT); Double (KA); and Physical Body (AUFU).”The Way of the Five Bodies” requires a consciousness which simultaneously differentiates each of the five while, at the same time, all of the five are functionally integrated. There is a metapsychology and a methodology for achieving this ideal and, as well, an underlying metaphysic. The Way is practical and realizable, although extraordinarily demanding. It can explain much and lead to accomplishments which would otherwise be impossible. If it is humanly valid, then it is not just “Egyptian”, although its known source is the magico-spiritual Way of the Goddess called Sekhmet by the Egyptians. I will discuss the metaphysic briefly, the metapsychology, which can be tested, in considerably more detail.According to this Way there are two primordial, co-existing, interactive and absolutely antagonistic realities: Cosmos (the Powers and Principalities of Order) and Chaos (the Disordered Powers and Principalities).The essentially irrepresentable Powers are functionally represented by Neters, or beings experienced by humans as Gods and Goddesses, angels and demons, and others known to religion and mythology. These Powers, in their Principalities, and for us, are hierarchical and, in our terms, good or evil. They are locked in a thus far perpetual struggle, each seeking the other’s transformation. They are indestructible, but subject to such transformation, so that a final resolution would be the transforming of Chaos into Cosmos, or that of Cosmos into Chaos. Out of this conflict, sometimes called The War in Heaven, have arisen “intermediate” realities including the human.The whole of reality has substance, but is neither “material” nor “spiritual”, and it is more or less subtle in varying degrees. Much of it is altogether inaccessible to and unknowable by humans. Some of it can be glimpsed or revealed, but not participated in by human beings. Within an exceedingly narrow sector of the whole of reality is the dimension of the human.The present situation may be very roughly described in the following manner, with references to positioning in space understood as a convenience and not essentially veridical. At the “TOP” is Chaos, a realm of such subtlety that it could, if experienced, be misunderstood as Void or NonBeing, also Darkness. In terms of The War in Heaven this realm and the existences natural to it are the “Place” and the “UrGods” of Evil, working with absolute intensity toward the transformation of Cosmos into Chaos. To human reasoning the fact of such “Forces” itself implies a kind of order. But that is not true, and the “order” is a fabrication of minds which cannot grasp the mystery.Primordially contiguous to Chaos is Cosmos, the “Place” and “Forces of Order, Good, Light, Creative Harmony, and the Cosmic UrGods”. Implacable as Chaos, Cosmos unwaveringly and with absolute intensity pursues the goal of transformation. Cosmos and Chaos are of the same degree of subtlety and only their subtle substance is completely and eternally real. Yet it is as if there have come to be, in a “space” between Cosmos and Chaos, dimensions of Being which most fundamentally are the arenas of conflict in which the struggles of the Forces take place. These arenas, and conflicts and combatants, have substance of varying degrees of subtlety, but more fundamentally they are appearances, imaginal constructs, functional representations of the essentially irrepresentable Powers and Principalities. The so-called “material” and “spiritual” worlds, including humans and their world(s), are such appearances and representations — something like “particles of mind,” temporarily given differing kinds of existence and, in some instances, degrees of autonomy. These mysteries also go beyond human understanding, although Mystery Schools can impart a measure of understanding. What is important to really know and to fully believe is that man and his world(s) are not at all what they seem to be; that the apparent reality is far more malleable and subject to directed transformation than we are taught that it is or it seems to be; and that those belief systems which sustain such illusions as immutability and objectivity are also subject to alteration,…

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