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The Fires of Spring (Earthsong Series Book 3)

The year is 4300 BCE. The place is Europe, where Eastern nomads have invaded Shara, a civilized city that worships the great Goddess…and where a bold and passionate young woman named Keshna comes of age as a female warrior and a daring avenger.

The nomad diviner Changar has kidnapped Queen Marrah’s son Keru—and Keshna has vowed to hunt Changar down. But the barbaric Changar is a force to fear. He has taken possession of Keru’s spirit turned him against his own people. Across a land of warring tribes, primitive rituals, and savage terrors of nature, Keshna begins an epic struggle for survival as she battles a dangerous, seductive enemy with the power to destroy her people and the proud young warrior she has come to love…

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  1. Mia says

    The books deserves more publicity

  2. Chris Simon says

    Mary Mackey’s work always features a strong heroine

  3. Anonymous says

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