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The Cave of Altamira

Presents a fresh look at the cave at Altamira in light of the many exciting discoveries made in the field of Paleolithic archaeology in recent years. Seven essays examine a number of theories about cave art and bring together what is known about the people who occupied and created the art at Altamira. Since the cave has been closed to visitors for many years, and visits to it in the future will be greatly restricted, distinguished photographer Saura’s fascinating color and b&w images provide a unique chance to see the art in detail both in large views and at close range.

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  1. Donald Mitchell "Jesus Loves You!" says

    Stunning Photos and Essays of Great Prehistoric Cave Art 0

  2. Dianne Foster "Di" says

    Beautiful photographs, interesting essays about an old cave. 0

  3. Anonymous says

    Excellent Photos, Excellent Text 0

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