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The Boy of the Painted Cave

Tao is an outcast. Unlike the great hunters of his clan, Tao does not want to kill the wild bears or woolly mammoths of the hunt. Instead he wants only to paint them. But only Chosen Ones can be cave painters. What’s more, Volt, the clan leader, violently despises Tao. And when the other clan members discover Tao’s secret talent, they cast him out into the wilderness alone. There, he befriends a wild wolf dog named Ram, and the mysterious Graybeard, who teaches him the true secret of the hunt.

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  1. Sir Furboy says

    Great story of adventure, survival, and perseverance. 0

  2. Anonymous says

    Annelise’s Book Reveiw of Boy of the Painted Cave 0

  3. Anonymous says

    Short But Enjoyable 0

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