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Soul Forge: A Path to Personal Freedom

The Road to Personal Freedom comes at a price. Always.

For a reader on the road to wholeness, the path is not only confusing but can seem endless. However take heart, this is not a path that is completely unknown. Many have experienced this path, each in their own way with some variation.

Most readers begin this path to wholeness while in the midst of great personal loss or turmoil. Just when you feel you can take no more, the light appears ahead. So begins the journey of a lifetime.

This path may begin with the roar of an inner-fire or the mild tug from the heart. Either way, those inner yearnings will not be satisfied until the divine union that comes from the inner-desire to move forward is satisfied. What comes of this union is rebirth, a new individual now in control of their own destiny.

Within each chapter a stage of personal growth is discussed and will be discussed again throughout. The characters portrayed within the contents of this book are archetypal in nature and represent the parts of our personalities emerging during the entire journey. Here you will find answers to questions such as “What exactly is the machinery of the Universe?” and “What does it mean to walk between worlds?”

Along the way, the reader will find many opportunities to test their resolve. Will you get lost in the Pool of Mirrors, or find yourself stuck on grandmother’s porch watching the world go by? Wouldn’t it be easier than following a path into the unknown darkness beyond? So many questions, so much to experience, and this book will walk the reader through this difficult journey to a powerful transformation.

When all seems lost, the way appears ahead.

What price will you pay to “know”?

What will you gain?

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