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Snake Goddess Rising: Tamera Shobhan (Tamera Shobhan Erotic Novels)

Shanti’s mother, a hippie in her younger years, had not been able to conceive a child until she worshipped at the shrine of the Snake Goddess Manasa in India. Nine months later, Shanti was born. Now Shanti visits this sacred site to ask for a husband. Kaz walks past the shrine and protects Shanti from some sinister looking men. He is a wonderful man who has come from the city to care for his dying grandmother. While Shanti’s feelings for him grow, she isn’t sure, if Kaz feels the same as he has different things on his mind and heart at the moment. He takes Shanti to a temple, introducing her to his uncle, a priest. When they return home, Grandma has a last dying wish. Can Shanti fulfil it?

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