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Slaves to the Snake Goddess

Ariel had always loved the film “Slaves to the Snake Goddess“. It was a guilty pleasure for her even if she wasn’t able to remember anything beyond the brainwashing scene, the sight of the seductive sorceress filling her mind as the villain spoke of hypnotizing her. She certainly wouldn’t remember staring blankly, repeating every command the film fed her about worshiping her new Goddess. No, all Ariel could remember was that she’d always wake up feeling wonderful, and so she couldn’t think of any better movie to show her friends Beth and Felicia. Now the two unsuspecting girls find themselves caught in the same hypnotic trap as Ariel, the will of the Snake Goddess threatening to enslave them as well. Being forced to adapt to their lives in college now that they’ve become lesbian slaves for a character in an old movie, the girls must wonder if they can escape the grasp of the Snake Goddess, or will they succumb to the same mindless pleasure that Ariel had always fantasized of? An erotic lesbian tale of submission and seduction, the first book in the Snake Goddess trilogy.

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