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Sitting Sekhmet Collectible Figurine, Egypt

This gorgeous Sitting SekhmetCollectible Figurine Statue Sculpture Figure Egypt has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere. The Sitting SekhmetCollectible Figurine Statue Sculpture Figure Egypt is truly remarkable. Product is crafted with: Resin. ITEM SKU: SS-Y-7291.

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  1. Scarlet "Scarlet" says

    She wanted to sit down It’s a long and hokey story to those of you who aren’t into the new-agey pagan community, but I had a dream about this statue before I ever saw it. I picked it up in Salem, MA because I knew I HAD to have it. I was very pleased with the price as it is relatively high quality. It is resin, as many modern altar-pieces are, but the detail is great, the paint job is lovely and it has a very nice weight. It sits on my shrine looking very regal.-Scarlet

  2. Corrine Grant says

    Price is deciving It is a really well-painted piece and very affordable. I am glad I purchased it on a whim because it is a great addition to my collection.

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