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Shaman’s Wisdom: Reclaim Your Lost Connection with the Universe

From the rainforests of the Amazon to the remotes of the Andes, an eminent seeker describes the path that brought him to discover the traditions of Huachuma shamanism. Based on the clear laws of nature in both the material and energetic dimensions, the shaman’s world reflects 5,000 years of Huachuma philosophies of harmony and oneness—as shown through totem animals, elements of nature, physical archetypes, and energy postures. His experiences offers possibilities for deep healing in all aspects of life, including wellbeing, relationships, and child rearing, and his ideas are presented as simple, profound wisdoms that are palatable and beneficial to other seekers without requiring additional shamanic experience.

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  1. Vivian Bryan says

    Shaman’s Wisdom: Thumbs Way Up! Thank you YouTube, because that’s where I got introduced to Tony Samara and his teachings. And thank you, Tony, for writing from your heart and the deepest part of you. This is the first book of yours I’d ever read, thanks to the interview of you in front of a loud London train (thanks again, YouTube), and the book was a page turner I could barely put down–From your personal experiences to the spiritual insights, message of Unity and Totality and loving, practical wisdom and Shamanic exercises, and more–This was exactly what I needed to read at this stage of my journey.Thank you again so much 🙂

  2. Frau Holda says

    Great Book for Timeless Wisdom and Advice I really, really enjoyed this book and I advise everyone with or without knowledge about Shamanism to have this book. Beautifully written, the words are so effortless to understand, yet one can learn so much from this amazing book on how to live one’s life easily with the harmony of nature. Written in such a way that even those with little or no knowledge of Shamism can follow along, yet for those who know more on the subject (like myself) I learned things that I didn’t know before. For me especially, it was not only that we should eat the proper foods, but exactly why, and from a spiritual point of view which makes a lot more sense than being told not to eat or to eat something just from a strictly medical point of view.All in all, this will be a book that I will refer to many times again in the future, and have advised my friends that reading “Shaman’s Wisdom” can make a difference in their lives, also.

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