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Shamanism and Spirituality in Therapeutic Practice: An Introduction

This authoritative, accessible book explores ancient and contemporary shamanism, as well as modern therapeutic approaches, in the wider context of human development. The underlying concepts and world-views of indigenous and contemporary shamanism are compared, contrasted and tied in with current developments in psychology, physics and neuro-science. After clarifying altered states of perception, concepts of integrative wholeness of mind, body, soul and spirit and transformative shamanic healing approaches, the book discloses how indigenous traditions can be adjusted for contemporary practice. It offers practitioners a highly effective repertoire of insights, psycho-spiritual approaches and step-by-step therapeutic tools and techniques, illustrated with examples and case studies throughout. This inspirational book is essential reading for psychologists, therapists, counsellors and coaches looking for profound insights and innovative methods of practice that cater for the whole human psyche, reaching beyond contemporary Western mind and body approaches. It will also be an enlightening read for non-professionals interested in the subject.

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