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Practical Shamanism, A Guide for Walking in Both Worlds

There are worlds of healing, protection, and insight available to you just beyond ordinary reality. The knowledge to simply, powerfully journey to these worlds, to connect with your spirit guides, to build a vision of yourself as healthy, intuitive and psychically alive, is within this book. Whether you are just beginning to seek a truer and more meaningful existence, or you are an experienced traveler of worlds, this book provides a reliable, straightforward, friendly and practical guide to basic shamanic practices, including more advanced instruction in past life healing, shadow work, and soul retrieval.

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  1. Tamara Cook says

    Awaken the Shaman Within If you want to understand what the modern shaman does and how you can do it for yourself and others, then this is the book for you. Katie has plenty of research and training to back up what she puts forth, but she doesn’t beat you over the head with it. Instead, she gives you what you need to get started right away. Her style is easy to follow and the techniques approachable and effective – and the optional drumming CD empowers you to take your first journey. I highly recommend this book! – Mara Cook

  2. Phillip T, Poisson "Combat Search and Rescue" says

    Practical Shamanism I have read many books on Shamanism, and I must say this has been the most down to earth and well written book I have read. Katie’s sense of knowing what to tell the reader is fantastic. Here practical view of Shamanistic Practices are great. The ideas that she puts across to the reader are great. I have ear-marked my copy of the book so many times that is looks like every other page has been marked. Absolutely a GREAT BOOK. A must read for all who deal with the Shamanic Arts.

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