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Medicine Buddha Incense Recycle Blue Lokta Paper Pack, Nepal

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Medicine Buddha Incense Recycle Blue Lokta Paper Pack,NEPAL

This Tibetan Incense is hand manufactured Based on the principles of the Buddhist Medicinal system and formulation prescribed by a great yogi of Bodhi school of Buddhism in Tibet. According to the tibetan indigenous medicinal theory a blend of this Incense with the fragrance of Sandal-Wood,Juniper, Ghanten Khampa and other precious herbal medicinal ingredients helps to releive tension stress Anxlety despression irritability and used to offering to the different gods and goddes 100%. Natural No Animal Extract No Bombo Stick.

Buying this Incense creates Employment and income among Tibetan Refugee. We value your buying a great humanitarian support. We assure you for Best use of your contribution.

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