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Legend of the Tatanka Damascus Steel Wilderness Knife

Sinew was obtained from buffalo, elk, moose and other animals. There was usually an ample supply in camp after the hunts, since every part of the animal was preserved for its special use. The prime sinew for sewing was taken from the large tendon which lies along both sides of the buffalo‘s backbone, beginning just behind the neck joint and extending in length for about three feet. With the Legend of the Tatanka Damascus Wilderness Knife, the sinew can be removed as intact as possible to obtain the greatest length. The handle on this Legend of the Tatanka Damascus Wilderness Knife consists of a brass finished guard, brass pipes, and black buffalo horn. All Damascus blades are instantly recognizable by their elegant contours that resemble a multitude of different patterns from the geometric to the flowing water designs. This knife has a fixed Damascus steel blade with an intricate brass design overlay. Damascus steel has a reputation as being strong and robust steel, not just ornamental. Also featured with this knife is an onyx leather belt sheath with a button strap to hold the knife securely by your side

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