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King Silk Art 100% Handmade Embroidery Mixed Group Feng Shui Brown Mane Horse Silhouette Chinese Print Framed Wildlife Animal Painting Gift Oriental Asian Wall Art Décor Artwork Hanging Picture Gallery 34130WFG

King Silk Art makes silk embroidery wall art, 100% hand-stitched by Master Artists in Suzhou, China. Our artwork, Susho, is completely natural, created with tiny needles and pure silk thread. Susho is a 2500 year old family tradition, with a unique and fascinating history.

In Chinese symbology, horses represent speed, fame and success. Horses and silk worms have a legendary connection, perhaps stemming from a similarity in the appearance of their heads.

The legend is about a goddess called the Horse-headed Lady, patroness of silk worm farming. Before Imperial China, there were 7 individual kingdoms that were always at war. During this time, men were often drafted into military service and were sent to distant places for years at a time.

A farmer was forced into the army and was sent far away, likely forever. The farmer had a beautiful young daughter who was so worried about her father, she couldn’t stand it anymore. She told the family horse that she would marry him, if he found her father and brought him back home safely.

The horse ran off and was able to find the farmer and brought him home to his daughter. The ungrateful father was so enraged when the horse insisted on marrying his daughter; the farmer killed the horse, skinned him and hung the hide in the air to dry.

The daughter came outside to look at the hide and a cyclone appeared. The swirling wind wrapped the daughter in the horsehide and flew away. The farmer spend days searching for his daughter, and discovered she had been transformed into a silk worm in a mulberry tree, the Horse-head Lady, goddess of silk worm cultivation.

In Feng Shui, horses are symbols of fire, fame, and personal promotion. Symbolically, horses bring good things on their backs and are a good luck charm for a speedy and successful outcome.

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