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Iktomi: Issue #1 (The Lake of the Sacred Hoop): “The Lake of the Sacred Hoop”

Chimey Rock, Nebraska. 1864. Iktomi is a Lakota trickster Spirit evoked by a long-since-dead Priest of the Ancients called Red Horn to help him unleash the Army of the Dead upon humans. When he crosses path with a white-man-turned-Lakota-Shaman (JACK FREEMAN/TWO MOON), the infamous General GEORGE ARMSTRONG CUSTER and a cut- throat bandit called SLY, all hell, inevitably, break loose!

Follow our heroes in their adventures in the hostile and unmerciful territories of the Wild West.

Iktomi: where the line between conscious and subconscious becomes really thin…

Iktomi: where classic Western scenarios entangle with extraordinary and surreal events…

Iktomi is “Indians” and “Cavalry” like you have never seen before!

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