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Hindu Lord Raam Goddes Sita Portrait Folk Art Handmade Madhubani Painting Art India Gift

* A beautiful hand painted spiritual ‘Madhubani’ painting on handmade paper.* Colorful picture of Hindu Lord Raam and Goddess Sita wedding scene portrait, painted in glowing acrylic and vegetable water colors. The colors extracted from certain minerals and plant sources..* An exquisite work of art from the state of Bihar, India. * It is a original handmade painting. not a print.* This art is rare and will adorn any decor.* The painting measures approx 22″ tall and 15″ wide. ABOUT MADHUBANI PAINTING: The art of Madhubani painting, is the traditional style developed in the Mithila region, in the villages around Madhubani, Bihar. For commercial purposes, the work is now being done on paper, cloth etc. Figures from nature & mythology are adapted to suit their style. The themes & designs widely painted are the worship of Hindu deities such as Krishna, Rama, Siva, Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Sun and Moon, Tulasi plant, court scenes, wedding scenes, social happenings around them, etc.

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