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Egyptian Ram God Khnum

Handmade Egyptian Ram God Khnum Pewter Pendant
Our Ram Headed God Khnum, is a reproduction of an Egyptian artifact probably from a Nubian Pharaoh said to often wear Ram’s Head amulets.
He was a creator God: the Water God; and Potter God of creation. The ancient Egyptians believed that he made the first children on his potter’s wheel using clay from the banks of the Nile. After each child was born Khnum blessed them with the gift of health.
Khnum also protected the sun on its daily journey: every night they sailed together through the underworld until the sun safely rose again at the dawn of the new day.
Khnum also known as Khemu was an important God and he remained so even in some semi-Christian sects two or three centuries after the birth of Christ.
The Ram was considered to be a very potent animal and so Khnum was associated with Fertility.
Made of high quality excelsior pewter. Three Dimensional and is plain on the back.
Approx. pendant size: 1 & 1/4 inch height x 1 & 1/4 inch width. Weight : 15 g
Comes with a approx 36 inch or 76.2 cm cord and a (lead free) pewter accent bead with laminated ends.
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