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Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe

Brand new unread/unmarked book that has some bending on lower left back cover and some pages due to being dropped-would have rated new if not for that. Ships same or next day!

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  1. Yeaperson says

    Discover amazing societies long ago The author is an archaeologist with experiences in many of the areas she writes about. Many illustrations show findings from her’s and other’s work. I wanted to learn more about ancient civilizations reported in the book The Chalice and the Blade, and this book provides a huge treasure of information and visuals. What advanced civilizations flourished for tens of thousands of years until warrior groups destroyed them. Those civilizations suggest peaceful and productive peoples long before the more familiar and militant ancient Greeks.

  2. Kim Jong-won "Econearing" says

    The greatest book Catched up follwing three points from Gimbutas works:(1) what are The Goddess and The God,(2) what is the glacial period to our human being,and(3) The Balkan area is exactly vicarious to the Korean Peninsula.(4) Who I am, What I am, Why I study, etc.(5) Reality between science and meditation.

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