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Funtasma by Pleaser Women’s Halloween Goddess-12 Sandal,Gold Snake Skin,10 M

Heel Height: Approx. 3 1/2” Tall. Man Made Upper. Gold snake skin PU egyptian sandal.

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  1. BrokenMandaLynn says

    Slouchy sandal? I bought this for a Greek costume I was making and eagerly tore open the package to try them on as soon as I received them. Upon the zipping them up the back and standing up, I found that the sole of the boot fit fine, but the straps sagged and drooped and looked horrible!I assure you, I’m no size 0 with sticks for legs and yet the “straps” were loose enough to accommodate at least 30% more calf. It’s like they took a gold slouch boot and cut pieces out of it.I don’t know. That may work for your outfit, but I was looking for something a little more authentic/nice/realistic looking.

  2. I Heart Amazon "I heart Shopping" says

    Perfect, and I love them! These boots are super cute and if you’ve got a 15 to 15.5 inch calf and you like them in the picture then you will love them in person. I am size 9 with 15.5 to 16 inch at it’s fullest calf. If you are 15.5 at the fullest part of your calf then these will fit you.The ladies before me rated them so low because they are mad that these boots are super cute yet they do not have the calves to fill them out. It would be helpful if the one who listed these boots mentioned the calf size in the write-up because that could save them the hassle of getting these boots returned, so to help viewers out I am making that mention.I was hesitant about ordering them because I was concerned the calf would not fit, but after reading the reviews made before I made mine, that was green enough light for me to place my order so “thank you” to the ladies who posted reviews before me. By the way, they arrived super quick. I think I ordered them over the weekend and today is Monday.I bought these for role play and dress up fun with my husband in the house, but they can be worn outside as well, just know they are not leather — they’re more costume-like but still cute enough to wear out just for fun and when I say fun, I’m saying it on a broad scale and not a small scale.Ladies with calves like mine, you will love these boots.

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