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The TAnnahill Weavers create “the pure drop,” a robust, vital and stately music, the hardly frame of the tunes heard cleanly within their stirring arrangements. A leading forced in Scotland’s traditional music scene for over 20 years, the Tannies have thrilled audiences around the globe. Epona delivers sparkling instrumental sets that quicken with flutes, fiddles, whistles and, of course, pipes. The album also features seven songs, including Robert Burns’ immortal Westlin’ Winds. Their fourteenth recording date, and their first studio album in three years, Epona is sure to be a must have for every Tannahill Weavers fan. Named for poet Robert Tannahill from the textile town of Paisley (just outside Glasgow), the Tannies have put out more than a dozen records of new and traditional Scots music since 1976, and have never really changed their course radically. They always look to the song first, whether it’s a set of reels with a roaring bagpipe and fiddle duet or a romantic ballad with four voices in harmony. It is this respect for the material and the heritage that begot it that has always marked this band as distinctive. Epona continues down that path, with lively tunes–both familiar and newly composed–and some great songs, including a fine turn on Robert Burn’s oft recorded “Westlin’ Winds,” and a sad story about the changes the oil industry has brought to Scotland, “Rich Man’s Silver” written by Roy Gullane. The solid musicianship listeners have come to expect is here in spades, on pipes (Duncan J. Nicholson), whistles (Phil Smillie), bouzouki (Les Wilson), guitar (Gullane), strings (John Martin), voices, and bodhran. There is nothing to make them the “next big thing.” They don’t need to be. They have been there and back. –Louis Gibson

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  1. E Rice says

    the best of the old and the new 0

  2. Gwen A Orel says

    Mellow side to the Tannies, great listen! 0

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