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Encyclopaedia of Gods and Deities

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  1. D. Barker says

    good info for finding about the views and beliefs of different cultures It’s fun and have been able to locate the Gods/Deities that I want to find. Has a lot of great information, Interesting reading from the cultural aspect as well. Extremely easy to use and very informative.

  2. calypso says

    missing I am not sure how correct some of the information is,But it is very helpful in trying to understand some of the myths of our early beliefs. There is always some bit of truth about what people were trying to understand and explain about their world.Also many people like to think their name has a link to the gods of the ancient world. Most of them are just curious. The ones I like are the ones that think they have some of the attributes of the “ancient gods”.

  3. Anonymous says

    Some of the main gods and goddesses of the Celtic pantheon are missing. I’m not familiar enough with the others to know if there are some missing there as well. I love the setup and interface. It just needs better information.

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