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Ecstatic Body Postures: An Alternate Reality Workbook

Ecstatic Body Postures is an essential book for experientially understanding the spiritual practices of cultures that honor animal deities.

The oldest postures date to animist-shamanist times (the first 200,000 to 300,000 years of human existence). But most of the postures that have been preserved are from horticulturalist (gardening) or early farming societies, the same ones that honored animal (or animal-headed) deities.

Some of the postures developed to take you into the energy of certain animals. The Standing Jaguar posture, for example, is extremely powerful. Others have functional purposes such as divination (getting information) or psychopomp work (guiding the dead to the spirit world).

Specific body postures reappear in the art and artifacts of world cultures, even those widely separated by time and distance. What are these images of unusual postures telling us? Medicine people, shamans, priests, and priestesses of indigenous cultures have passed on this sacred body of knowledge for thousands of years.

Anthropologist Felicita Goodman discovered that people who assume these postures report strikingly similar trance experiences. The results from this research are inspiring, proving that certain body positions help us go into deep (theta brain wave level) trance to access specific parts of the spirit world, specific types of energy and animal deities.

With clear instructions and illustrations, Belinda Gore demonstrates these shamanic postures and how to work with them. Ecstatic Body Postures is a “must read” for anyone interested in meditation, shamanic practice, yoga, or body work.

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  1. M. SHORBAGI "Kundalini Shakti" says

    This is an outstanding read This book gives information on how to use certain body postures that were found in different cultures. It’s based on the fasinating idea that certain artifacts were made to preserve instructions on how to enter a trance. The author gives descriptions and pictures of how to place yourself in these postures which are simple and not like a game of twister. There are different postures that cover divination, shapeshifting, spirit journeys,and more. It’s everything I’ve wanted to practice as an occult student and without religion attached to it. BUY THE BOOK YOU WON’T BE SORRY.

  2. Zane Ivy says

    Almost perfect….4/5 I would give the book a 5/5 only if it was enough to get one into Trance ….unfortunately for me, I found out later from the book that the trance postures are effective only with the use of special musical drumming/rattling….in other words buying this book alone will not get u into trance….the drumming/rattling(210 beats/minute)is used to create a Theta brainwave frequency, that is absolutelty essentail for any posture to work….almost a perfect 10 if it only came with a drumming CD…

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