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Cinnamon Buns

When the Great Creator blinks his eyes, all time and possibilities are now. However, for some of His creations time appears to be linear and all possibilities are not perceived. Gaia is one of the latter. To assist in her growth, the First People and others who are not constrained by time and dimension limitations were tasked to walk with her. While Gaia was still young and arranging the image she wanted to present to the Universe, two of the Old Ones were allowed to create immortals to assist them with keeping the balance between chaos and order throughout all times and dimensions.

They created six immortals, three sisters, Lillith, Genevieve and Reanna, and three males, Zane, Joe and Max. These immortals have the ability to shape shift to blend with whatever creatures may be walking the face of Gaia wherever and whenever they may be. While Lil and her five fellow immortals know why they were created, they, unfortunately, are never given precise instructions for individual tasks. Also, because of their ability to travel through time and dimensions, their memories are not all inclusive.

Lil and her friends are tasked with determining why their consciousness is focused on a dimension of Jackson, Mississippi inhabited by shape shifters and vampires. As they fight to eliminate a demon threat, they are also reminded that not only are they here to be of service to Gaia but were created to assist with the conscious evolution of all creatures living their every-day lives on the face of Gaia. Along the way, Lil and her immortals are given hints from the First People and from other times and dimensions to help them solve this imbalance. Should they fail not only will this dimension be in peril, but the entirety of Gaia, as we know her, could cease to exist.

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