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Best Of Indian’s Song

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  1. Ryulahnkangyoo says

    strange first of all, i didnt hear any of these yet.But im buying this album.Why?Becuase I have a CD called “Tatanka Best of Indian’s Song”It has the same exact cover design. It’s strange cuase….the songs on this cd that i have are different than the songs in this mp3 album.this has 15 songs.White BuffaloChirapasAnanauTatankaAyhuayYaguarpacJucuyari RIcushunSisaryRelampagoscanela GuaytaReydanceFly CondorLaylo LalyoDawvaLove MountainOh hey! I just spotted out an email on the back of the cd case. I will email to see what’s going on.Anyways, I heard the all 15 songs and love them.So i came to amazon and tried to search more from these people, and im happy to see that these songs are different.Love the melodies and notes.

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