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Archaeology: Do You Want to Explore Different Cultures?

If you like history, enjoy working with artifacts and you like to learn about architecture in order to know more about history and development of different societies, than you should study archaeology. There are different branches of this science such as environmental archaeology, historical archaeology, underwater archaeology, classical and pseudo- archaeologies. One can choose any of them depending on his/her interests. However, one should have a number of skills to study archaeology. So, let us consider those skills. 1. First of all, remember that you will have to travel a lot and communicate with different people while working as an archaeologist. So, the ability to work effectively in a team is a crucial ability for you. 2. Moreover, you should have the ability to adapt to different working environments. 3. Working as an archaeologist you should know history well and understand symbolism. 4. The number of technical skills is important for this profession. You should know the field-work techniques such as surveying, exploring and identification of the materials. You will have to collect and evaluate different data. 5. Apart from the technical skills, one should posses the laboratory techniques of recording, analysis and interpretation of material. So, analytical techniques and skills are important. As well as the logical thinking. 6. As a matter of fact, apart from specific skills, the study of the archaeology will provide you with a number of transferable skills as leadership skills, teamwork skills, time management skills and communication skills. 7. You will learn how to prepare and present the oral presentations, as well as you will learn how to work with paper-base and electronic resources for different purposes of your work, for example, for preparing written reports. 8. And the last thing, one should have a great patience and persistence in order to work accurately and methodically with the smallest details.
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