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Anansi and the Magic Stick

It’s a fine bright day, and all the animals are working–all except Anansi, that is! He’s sleeping, as usual. Warthog, Lion, and Zebra laugh so hard at his messy house that they wake him up. Anansi stomps off in a huff–right into an amazing secret! Hyena has a magic stick that follows his orders. If Anansi steals the stick, he’ll never have to work again, and his home will be the neatest one in town. Is the magic stick his secret for success? Or the beginning of disasters he can’t even imagine?

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  1. Arcturus70 "Arcturus70" says

    Trickster Tales Delight 0

  2. Pretty_Please says

    Funny, but lessons learned. 0

  3. Abby Connors says

    Very funny story for older kids 0

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