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Nubie : Kardassy : Temple d’Isis

Nubie : Kardassy : Temple d'Isis

Nubie : Kardassy : Temple d’Isis

This temple may look Greek at first glance, but it is actually Egyptian. It was built in Nubia, which was a region along the Nile that included part of what are now southern Egypt and northern Sudan.

Isis is a very old goddess, originally the vulture deity. In some ancient cultures the vulture was believed to free the spirits of the dead from their bodies and carry them to the spirit world. For that reason, Isis became the great magician of the Egyptian pantheon.

Worship of Isis spread through Europe, where she was much loved. When Christianity moved into Europe, many of the temples and shrines to Isis were converted to shrines to the Virgin Mary. 

The priests of Isis wore black robes with white collars and shaved the crowns of their heads. The Christian priests adopted the same custom.

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Source: [Collection of photographs of Egypt and Nubia.] / A. Beato and others. (more info)

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